without checking app new summation rejected

i got a reject and they give a feedback that my app has problem. i solved that app and build the app with new project . now the problem is solved . but i upload the project again and between one minute without checking my app rejected and get a comment that “we already inform you the problems with the app, if you continue to submit this app without addressing any issue your account will be banned.”

can someone help me with this. if they check that app now it will be fine. i solved the problem.

Was your app Hard Rejected or Soft Rejected? If your app was initially Hard Rejected it means the amount of changes required simply outweigh the fixes required to bring it to a reasonable, acceptable form, in which case, you should have seen in the rejection message that re-submitting it is not allowed.

However, if the item was Soft Rejected (it appeared in the Hidden Tab on your profile) then I strongly suggest getting in touch with Envato Authors Help and Support to ask for clarifications. Don’t attempt re-submitting it, as this does go against the rules if it was a hard reject. Cheers! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

first it was in soft rejected then after update it gone hard