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  1. Title of Entry: Christmas Night
  2. Your username + portfolio link: swtnvmbr,
  3. Item(s) used:



Fantastic Cover <3

  1. Title of Entry: Winter In Jungle Joy

  2. nguluidu:

  3. Item(s) used:

  4. Twitter image:

  1. Facebook video:

1.Title of Entry: «Winter Freshness» :traffic_light::traffic_light::traffic_light::traffic_light::traffic_light:
2. Your username + portfolio link: Romlam
3. Item used:
4. Twitter images:

5. Facebook video:


This submission can easily be made as a seamless loop for all the envato platforms such as codecanyon, audiojungle, 3d ocean etc. The idea is to focus on the envato ecosystem. If the item is selected, I can make one big loop containing all the platforms. The idea is to change the icons to suit each platform. This should show the different platforms, all under envato markedplace.

The logo can also be the Envato logo.

Title of Entry: Dynamic Identity Swoosh

Mushy Monday

Item(s) used: Waiting for item aproval (day 6 - so should be approved any day now)
Same goes for the audio, where I’ve had help by an audiojungle composer. Will update it once his piece is approved.

Looping video:

Envato Winter


variation #1

variation #2

variation #3

1 Winter Wonder

2 Username : Gepetto +

3 Item We Used :

4 Image For Facebook And Twitter :

  1. Video For Facebook :


820px x 462px

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We’ve reached our deadline!

Thank you so much for everyone’s awesome entries!

We’ll be back with the finalists that you can vote on in a couple of days on December 6. In the meantime, we’ll lock this thread to ensure we don’t get any late entries.

Good luck to everyone who entered!

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Winners’ Announcement

We’ve counted and verified all the community votes and we now have our 3 x video and 3 x graphic winners! Many congratulations to our winners below!

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Many thanks to all those that entered and all those that took the time to vote and decide our winners!

Congrats you all guys!!! ))))) :ghost::v:

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Thank you guys! I’m so happy :blush::smiley:
Congrats to the others!!! :clap::clap::v::tada:

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Congrats :blush: