The Best New Year Graphics, Videos, and Music Across Envato

##What are the best graphics, videos, and music across Envato that help celebrate the New Year?

####We want you to post items from anywhere across Envato Market and Envato Elements that help celebrate the New Year! It could be graphics on GraphicRiver or Elements, music from AudioJungle, a video on VideoHive, or more!

###How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favorite New Year items across Envato and post a screenshot (if available) and a link to each item right here in the forums.
  • Both items you post MUST be from different places/sites. i.e. no two from the same site.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • Each of the two items you share must be created by a different author (so no two items from the same author, please).
  • You MUST write a description of what you like about EACH item in your list (minimum of two sentences per item, please!), why it’s good, effective for celebrating the New Year, and/or and why you think it captures the New Year spirit!
  • One entry per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • Posts that do not follow the requirements and/or only seek to self-promote will be removed.
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###Special Prize

  • We’re giving away an Envato coffee mug via a random drawing from all entries!
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  • Hurry! Deadline ends at 11pm (AEDT) on Thursday, 29th December 2016

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing your recommendations!


item 1:

Inspirational, orchestral Christmas track from StudioKolomna. Perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas and the new year: happy, uplifting and festive

item 2:

a great actor, cozy atmosphere, this movie is so warm and pleasant that I want to get into the screen:) Very nice video, warm and fuzzy like Santa’s beard:)

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One of my favorite videohive templates for Christams is Christmas Pop-Up Book from The_Yoshivara. It brings feelings of joy, happiness, and conveys the atmosphere of winter holydays and Chrismas magic.

2.Second item, i recommend is Christmas Song from PolygraphMusic
It’s an orchestral version of classical christmas song called Deck The Halls. Classical x’mas songs always are very romantic. So, if we make modern arrangement for it, it will shine brigher then ever.

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1 - New Year Party Flyer from Envato Elements

I enjoy this Flyer a lot because of it colors first of all, it makes a lot of good contrast. The idea is that we, humans need to make all points(years) from our existence visible, otherwise we will get old easily without noticing too much :slight_smile:. Anyhow, how much I live I will always enjoy Envato :tada: .

2 - New Year Countdown 2017 from VideoHive

This countdown clock remembers me the time when I was a kid; I was so euphoric to count the hours, minutes and seconds till’ new year :smiley: . Beautiful times :tada:, now, as an adult, nothing changed :smiley: . I will count the minutes, seconds in the same way :fireworks:


Hey, @scottwills how are you? :grinning:
Here’s what I want to nominate. Of course the first item - it is my own.

Short description: Christmas, orchestral track with the traditional sounds of bells, music box, pizzicato and celebratory choir. I think it is perfectly fit into any Christmas project, as it has a large number of variations of length, as well as a seamless loop. There unobtrusive melody that does not interfere with voice-over, as well, this music would sound like fully independently.

Second item:

Short description: The stylish opener with a fine choice of colors. Sound effects are very well suited to the visual, including music well chosen. Glittering snowflakes, sparks and flying particles convey a sense of the winter holidays and magic. Generally, this template should want any self-respecting company! Because everything is made very tastefully and with skill.
Here you will not find an abundance of unsuitable to each other colors, which are inherent in other projects, and that this project becomes even more versatile, since it can be used as a serious big company and make-up girl. In general, I recommend! :grinning:


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Let me introduce my Christmas and New Year Slideshow. It’s perfect to save your memories. Stylish christmas tree help you to present your photos with the great holiday mood)
Very impressive wishes! Looks very luxury. Perfect for the sending a wishes card on post or email

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Hi all! Here is my choice, first item:

New Year Countdown holiday celebratory music track with festive happy mood just for 12$!. Bells solo, inspiring breakbeat drums, bright violins, synth solo and many effects – fireworks, crowd noise, church bells…
Second item:

Great After Effects New Year project just for 17$! No plugins required!
Works with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC,CC 2014, CC2015.

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I adore this item because when I look at it, it brings me a Christmas mood.

Christmas Wishes

Very good music for celebrating winter holidays. Just close the eyes and listen.

**Gentle Christmas Ident9)

1.This positive Christmas track will embellish your project! Motivational story, corporate successful videos and more.

2.Christmas Studio

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There is no Christmas and New Year celebration without fire sparklers! It’s a mandatory attribute for high spirits and merry festive mood! Celebrate!

Nom-nom, what a beautiful postcards. All wishes desire to come true if they are written on this postcards.

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My first nomination is a music track on AudioJungle, by @SnailMusic. Encapsulating all the energy and anticipation of the last minute of the year, this track begins with a ticking clock alongside a subtle melody, building up to reach a climax at the 60-second mark. You can guarantee 2016 will go out with a bang with this track! As the clock strikes midnight, huge fireworks and cheers take over, creating an intense and thrilling atmosphere. If you want to bring in the New Year in style, this is your track!

And to welcome the New Year, my second nomination is a template called “New Year Motivational Quotes”, from VideoHive. Everyone has goals, and for many, the New Year is a time to reflect not only on the past year, but also an opportunity to set new targets. With this elegant template from @addeystock, you can present your New Year’s hopes, aspirations and resolutions, as well as your favourite New Year’s quotes.



###New Year Celebration Flyer - Envato Elements
New year flyer with super cool illustrations. I like the minimalist approach giving a modern touch.

Merry Christmas melody creates a festive mood, the time of miracles, time to give gifts !!! @Musicalgift HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :gift::christmas_tree::tada:

Perfect gift animation - what you need for the surprises !!! @3Dspace


1.Impressive, professionally animated background, perfect for Christmas & New Year’s celebration!
Brilliant vortex of shimmering particles adds a drop of magic to any design!

2.Best music for Christmas and New Year ever!
Misterious yet positive, thoughtful yet joyful!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Envato community! :tada:

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  1. It’s a great filter! If you had an awesome 2016, selling in your WooCommerce webshop and still don’t use this, why not try it in the 2017? This surely will boost customer experience as well as your sales!

  1. Since you’re going to improve your business, you might also need a business assistant :slight_smile: Here’s one that could come handy to anyone. The Eggman!

Thanks :wink:

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Item 1:

Very intresting and original Christmas After Effects Template.

Item 2:

Awesome Christmas Site Template

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Hi! Here are 2 items that i like!

1 ITEM. This flyer looks so festive and i really like color combination. I also love Christmas lights on the top. It adds more magic to dark background. I have to say, whole flyer looks stylish, magical and not ordinary.

2 ITEM.I know there are dozens of cool animations on Videohive, but i would like to share my own animation. Because these snowman faces are so cute! If buyer needs to create several snowmans for his animation he can use these faces, just by adding to them bodies. Also, these short animations can be used as emoji, as background. Useful stuff!



It’s a cozy flyer for an epic New Years eve party. I am sure to stare at if I walk on the streets.


Mood booster countdown to the start of the new year.

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Item 1:

Awesome Christmas orchestral music! A beautiful Christmas melody creates a crazy miracle Christmas mood!

Item 2:

Christmas Sale Wed Slider. It’s stylish and minimalistic! I like This!