Discover & Share your favorite item on Envato Elements and win an annual subscription ($348-value)

We want you to discover and share one of your favorite items on Envato Elements and post it right here in our forums. We’ll pick one lucky winner who will win a 1-year subscription to Elements (a $348-value).

What’s Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an affordable subscription service giving you access to 390,000+ inspiring, hand-crafted design templates, fonts, digital assets, and stock photography. Everything you need to start and finish your creative projects is available with unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee.

How to Enter

  • We want you to discover and share your favorite item on Envato Elements. Browse the site and discover an amazing item you’ve used, or would love to use for a project.
  • You may only enter one time so please pick the very best item you like the most!
  • Please do not link to items you created yourself.
  • Please copy, paste, and complete the following for your entry and post your response right here in this forum thread:

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  1. Name of the Item:
  2. Link / URL to the item:
  3. Screenshot of item: Post an image of the item
  4. Why it’s your favorite item: Tell us in less than 100 words why this item is your favorite. What makes it so good? Why is it useful?

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Prizes & Judging

We’re giving away a $348 annual subscription to Envato Elements in the form of a PayPal payment. You may use the prize for a subscription or you can simply choose to keep and use the $348 however you wish!

Our judges will be looking for great items and a great reason why it’s your favorite item.

  • Grand Prize: $348 (via PayPal) + a Won a Contest Community badge.

Important Dates

  • Launch: November 3, 2017
  • Deadline: November 20, 2017
  • Winner Announced: November 22, 2017.

Please read our terms & conditions for full details.

More chances to win!

Did you know we also give away 10 x $100 PayPal prizes each month for projects you share with us that have been made with Envato Market and Envato Elements content? Find out more details on our Made With Envato page. Create, share, win!

Good luck!


Nice contest!!!

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  1. Name of the Item: Isuzu - Creative HTML Template

  2. Link / URL to the item:

  3. Screenshot of item:

  4. Why it’s my favorite item ?
    Isuzu has very nice concept. It is suitable for perfect for portfolios, agencies, artists, web / graphic designers, fashion designers and many more. Isuzu is a Powerfull HTML5 template, that both works great on your Personal Computer, or on your tablet and mobile devices. It’s got some powerfull and eye cathing features, such as animates boxes, filterable portfolio, fullwidth and boxed version and much more. Other than that you get working contact form, responsive design.

Cheers!! :tada::tada:

Name of the Item: Funky - Creative Multipurpose Template

Link / URL to the item:

Screenshot of item:

Why it’s my favorite item:

Funky is a complete and versatile HTML template that is perfect for creative portfolios – from bloggers, freelancers and photographers to restaurants, commercial stores and travel agencies. Whether you want to present a collection of work, inspiration, products or services, this multipurpose template has every detail covered. Choose from a wide range of one page or multi-page concepts, with an ever-growing collection of pre-built demos to get you started.

Name of item : VSApp - Ultimate App Landing Page

VSApp - Ultimate App Landing Page

Why it’s my favorite item ?

People somethings when entering on web site get a blind. Here is not a case, VSApp is a great design, clean design and modern. In this theme was used all moderns plugins for better functionality, clean code and modern. To much time we spend on our mobile phone, VSApp is designed to presenter your mobile application.
This design forced the visitor to download application. And that is one of reason why you must to have great design. VSApp have a great animations on scroll, click on buttons and clean color pallet. Everything that a person can wish is here!

Name of the Item: Set of Flat Line Color concepts
Link / URL to the item:

Why it’s your favorite item:

I really love this project! Once upon a time this item inspiried me to create my own outline icons. This item taught me be attention to details. Quality infographics - the key to success for any site! And such banners are simply necessary for better perception of information. Thanks to easy editing, this item is able to have completely different styles. Airy, serious, can even be aggressive! It’s enough just to include imagination and select colors correctly.

Name of the Item : Logo Mock Up Exclusive Paper edition 1
Link / URL to the item :
Screenshot of item :

Why it’s your favorite item: first of all, the design s eyecathing. a bit simple, but still has a great magnet to make me choose this. i would love to use it as my logo design as it is very creative and very “vintage” in the same time. i love everything “vintage” and this logo is just perfect. this logo mock up has a simpler design ao it is suitable for any needs especially those who need some vintage touch to their logo. simple, vintage, very usabe, perfect.

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Needs to be a link to an Envato Elments item, you need to include a screenshot of the item, and some text on why it’s your favourite item, in 100 words or less.

Here is my favorite item;



this item comes with amazing page builder. Nearly all items of this author is great. I love their works.

Name of the Item:
Waxom — Clean and Universal Responsive Joomla

Link / URL to the item:

Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item:
Because I’m a fan of Joomla, and this is a very stylish item.


Name of the Item: Martha Brush Typeface
Link / URL to the item:
Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item: This typeface is my favorite item because of the intuitive and artistic look and feel. It seems to be written with a smooth hand and with a lot of spontaneity, but it’s also crafted in great detail. I can imagine this bold font stands out on top of an image. Finally, I can say that the presentation is appealing with its artistic look and it fits well with the style of the typeface.

Front End Loader

i’m so attracted into 3d models, especially complicated ones.
and this Front End loader 3D model with a lot of details was able to get my attention, really good work creating it.

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Name of the Item: BePro Keynote Business Template
Link / URL to the item:
Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item:
Quite recently I was designing a presentation and count myself on a thought - why I’m doing this basically the same work every single time over and over again. And I found this template which perfectly fits my visual and content needs. And when the next presentation for a client or a pitch will knock to my door, I will definitely know where to find help.

Name of the Item: Momentum Creative Presentation

Link / URL to the item:

Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item: This presentation was done creatively: clean, professional, adaptive design, color options. Suitable for presenting a modern, young, creative company or project in any business field. Rectangular geometric shapes help to create a classic, simple, clear, transparent image of a reliable, respectable, stable business partner for the company’s customers, which plays a significant role in building a business.

Name of the Item: Made - Responsive Premium Multi-Purpose Template
Link / URL to the item:
Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item: so pretty and usefull template, i love it.

Name of the Item: Groham - Fashion eCommerce Shopify Theme
Link / URL to the item:
Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item: Groham template is a powerful theme I have ever seen so far. It is a clean theme with a nice navigation menu design. There are also lots of different page layouts. I can use this theme for a fashion website or any kind of porpose. Because it is a multipurpose shopift theme. It looks seo friendly, it has product filter options. For the product listing in this theme it has grid, list and masonry options for listing products. I also liked footer and header styles. At the top there is multi currency options which is very usefull for international costumers. The last thing want to say is background pattern and color chooser options.


Needs to be an item from Envato Elements.

Name of the Item: CineStock Photoshop Actions

Link / URL to the item:

Screenshot of item:

Why it’s your favorite item: I`d love to use the CineStock Photoshop Actions in some of my projects. It creates a dramatic effect that will highlight the root character of the images keeping them real and natural. As an artist I prefer a subtle effect that emphasis the picture exactly how CineStock Photoshop Actions does. Great job!