elements envato pricing

please open this link

It says One Subscription
Unlimited Downloads
Sign up now for special lifetime pricing.

What does it means, If I will buy this subscription for $29. Then I can access the all items on this website life time. and I will only pay $29 once? Pleaes confirm me. Thanks

Subscription means you need to pay every month so you have unlimited download access on every item there. If you stop your subscription (not paying anymore) then you can’t download the items there. But you still have the early downloaded items if you saved them on your computer.

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Hi @elixirsoft! Elements has a monthly subscription fee (currently $29/month), with unlimited access to the items while you have an active subscription.

It’s worth noting that the licence requires you to specify the use of each item when you download it. If you want to use it multiple times, you can register a downloaded item for each end use. From the Elements site:

One Simple Commercial License
All items on Envato Elements have the same simple license terms. You get broad commercial rights, so you can use items with confidence on work or personal projects.

Register Items Each Time You Use Them
Each time you download an item, you get an ongoing license for a single, specified use. Want to use an item again? No problem! Visit your downloads and simply register it again for a different end use.

Clear Guidelines On What’s Not Allowed
Some common-sense limitations do apply. You can’t re-sell, re-distribute, use in on-demand services, or merchandise items without adding value.

More information is available here: https://elements.envato.com/license-terms