$16.50/mo. Subscription - Free Unlimited Downloads? Or....

We’re looking at purchasing the monthly subscription for our company. After paying the $16.50 per month, does this mean that all of the assets included in the subscription listed below are free to download? Or do we still need to pay for certain items. Thanks

From Pricing Page: Included with Subscription::
“Included within your subscription:7,000+ Fonts, 15,000+ Vectors, 17,000+ Video templates, 120,000+ Audio 970,000+, Photos, 1,600+ Actions and presets, 9,500+ Icons, 7,900+ Logos, 71,000+ Motion graphics, PLUS: Tuts+ courses, backgrounds, email templates, infographics, stock photos from Twenty20 and more.”

Any item on Envato Elements is included. But to be clear:

  1. You don’t get the support, updates or premium features that come from buying items on the main marketplaces

  2. You must be subscribed when completing any project using an item from Elements, so you can’t just download hundreds of items, and stockpile them for using after you cancel your subscription

Thanks very much. That makes sense and is consistent with what I’m used to doing in the past. We’re not concerned about the support as we’re mainly looking for stock assets - photos, audio, video, etc., and the company is looking to add the membership as an annual budget item, so we’re not planning to dine and dash.

But let’s say we download a single stock photograph for example. We would need to register that stock photo every time we use it in a project? Or is it subject to royalty free like iStock, Shutterstock etc.?

Scratch that…I found the Licenses section under Photodune. Assuming Photodune is included in the $16.50/mo.

The number of end products is unlimited, so I understand that to mean we could use each stock photo in as many projects as we want…

Not exactly - elements is different from the main marketpalces. Each item needs to be registered ‘per use’ so for each new project, you need to re-download the picture/asset/video

According to the the PhotoDune license table (see below), the number of end products you are allowed to create with a multi-use photo license is unlimited. So my example for a stock photo would be correct and, according to PhotoDune’s licensing documentation, you do not need to re-register or re-download the file.

See below for explanation of “Allowed Uses”, definition of an “End Product”, and “Permitted multi-use” for a PhotoDune item.

According to the PhotoDune Regular License:

2.You are licensed to use the Item in the following ways ( Allowed Uses ):

  • (a) to create multiple End Products that incorporate the Item as well as other things, so that each End Product is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item;

What do you mean by item and end product?

The item is what you purchase from Envato Market. The end product is what you build with that item.

Answers: Permitted multi-use

Can I use a PhotoDune item in different end products?

Yes. You can use a PhotoDune item in different end products. Our PhotoDune Regular License is a multi-use license, but is subject to a reproduction limit. See the PhotoDune FAQs for more information on reproduction limits and multi-use.

@OCHRMedia see last post for corrected documentation.

All entirely correct if you buy the asset from Photodune.

Envato Elements has a separate license that is different from Photodune, Themeforest, Graphicriver etc.

Here: Single Use Only. Items downloaded from Envato Elements are licensed for use in a single project only. You can use the same item in multiple projects, but must relicense it for each use.

Also here, here and here.


Could this be any more unnecessarily confusing?

I’ve submitted a request ticket to Envato as I’d like to get this answered from them instead of a moderator. No offense intended. Replies here are sent to a group distribution email at my company.

I will ask though, does the $16.50/mo membership include access to PhotoDune? Or only to photos offered on Envato Elements? That’s not explained anywhere I can find on Envato.com.

Also, your previous response is confusing. If I want to buy this photo, it’s located under All Items > Photos. The logo at the top of that page says “Envato Elements”, but your response says “elements is different from the main marketpalces.” Did you mean PhotoDune is different?

Envato Elements is completely separate from ALL of the other individual marketplaces, and as such has its own licensing rules and restrictions.

The only connection between Elements and Photodune (or any of the other marketplaces) is that the some (not all) items available on Elements are also available on the main marketplaces (under different licensing, support etc.)

No, nor does it allow access to any other marketplace. It is simply the files available on Envato Elements, and under the Envato Elements licensing and rules.

This is outlined in the FAQ on the sign-up page. https://elements.envato.com/pricing

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Thanks, but your using conflicting terminology in your responses and the FAQ on the pricing page is not clear at all about this. It also links out to Twenty20 which allows unlimited digital use for one download. Ultimately, Envato needs to make these distinctions more clear. They also seem to use the terms “End Product” and “Project” interchangeably adding to confusion.

Thanks for your help. I’ll wait for the response from the support ticket.

One final point (it’s important to differentiate) -

The example image you link above is from Elements and therefore is subject to the Elements license and restrictions, and NOT influenced by guidelines listed on Photodune or Twenty20.

Yes, thank you, I get that. Also, Twenty20 IS included in the $16.50/mo Envato subscription, so in the end we could download stock photos with unlimited digital use from there.