Win our Facebook and Twitter Header Contest and get Priceless Exposure to over 200k followers

Winners have now been announced!

We want you to create a Winter-themed header image for our official Envato Facebook and Twitter page using content from Envato in exchange for some awesome prizes!

What we’re looking for

We want you to create a wintery graphic or looping video that we can use on our official Envato Facebook and Twitter page. Here’s an example of what we’re looking for.

The only requirements are:

  • The image/video loop should focus on the creative Envato ecosystem.
  • Your submission must use an Envato item you’ve either bought or sell yourself on Market or Elements.
  • It must be based on the theme of winter

How to Enter

Copy, paste, complete and provide the following with each entry:

———————— :scissors: ——————————————————

  1. Title of Entry: Give your image/video/entry a name:
  2. Your username + portfolio link: Include your Envato username and hyperlink it to your Envato portfolio.
  3. Item(s) used: Link / URL to the Envato item(s) you used:
  4. If/when posting an image, provide the following:
    • Twitter image: 1500px x 500px, JPG format
  5. If/when posting a video, provide the following:
    • Facebook video: 820px x 462px, mp4 format, must loop, and must be between 20 - 30 seconds. Please hold on to your source file in case we need to contact you about it!

:scissors: ——————————————————————————————

Helpful Info

  • If posting a video, please upload it to YouTube and then post the link to the YouTube video in your entry/post. A video preview will automatically be generated if you put the link on a new/separate line in your post.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, post each entry as a separate post.
  • Optional: You can provide BOTH a Twitter image and Facebook image (based on the same design) if you wish.

Prizes & Judging

Out of all the entries, we will pick a set of finalists. We will then invite community members to vote and select the ultimate winners!

  • 3 x Winners
    We’ll feature and promote you and one of your Envato items on our Facebook page where we have over 200k followers! You’ll also be awarded a Won a Contest community badge.

Our judges will be looking for great design and creativity that best captures the spirit of Envato and the theme of winter.

See our full terms and conditions.

Important Dates

  • Launch: November 15, 2017
  • Deadline: December 4, 2017 (11pm AEDT)
  • Finalists Announced: December 6, 2017.

Good luck!


Good Luck to the participants! :):smiley:

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Very nice contest! GL everyone!

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Great ! I’m in.

  1. Title of Entry: Breath of winter

  2. Gesh-tv

  3. Item(s) used:

  4. Twitter image:

  1. Facebook video:

Glad to hear it @studio_21, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, best of luck! :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Hello, Should i use some envato stuff? (like videohive template or stock footage ) Or i can do project in some 3d software or draw on paper without any Envato elements?

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hello what means “Your submission must use an Envato item you’ve either bought or sell yourself on Market or Elements.” its means i need to promote my items in video or what?

I believe what is meant is that it has to be made with a template/tool that is sold on Envato. Either one that you’ve bought or one you are selling.

Good luck everyone!:grin:

For me winter it is at first Christmas and holidays, so i used christmas theme in my work. I love this retro family style when you seat at home near fireplace and listen Frank Sinatra’s music, so i tried to do this atmosphere. I made it in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Title: Retro Christmas
Autor: Alexander Tantsura
Footage that i used: Still Life of Christmas Ornaments
Also i used this track: Christmas in the Good Old Days

Link For video preview:

(loop every 23sec)


Hi @AlexTantsura! Thanks for the entry, looks fantastic! Just getting back to you about your question but I think you already figured it out. :thumbsup: For anyone else who is unsure, you have to incoporate an item on Envato Market or Elements, it can even be one of your own items. But you can also add your own ideas and elements to the project too. You don’t just have to literally use one item and customize it, the item can just be part of your creative idea. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Lovely contest! :wink: Hope to see creative products! :wink:

Title of Entry: Polar Spirits

  1. Title of Entry: Envato: The Winter Pixel War

  2. User & Portfolio: Space_Gecko:

  3. Item(s) used:

  4. Twitter image:


  1. Title of Entry: The Winter Wall

  2. User & Portfolio: Space_Gecko:

  3. Item(s) used:

  4. Twitter image:


  1. Title of Entry: Night Envato

  2. User & Portfolio:

  3. Item(s) used:

Twitter Image

Facebook Image



Merry Christmas and happy new year :tada:

  1. Title of Entry: XMas Envato
  2. User & Portfolio:
  3. Item(s) used:

Twitter Image

Facebook Image