Will it be accepted? Place your bets now...

It’s been years since I uploaded to GraphicRiver, but I’m glad to be back with a new design business and preparing to get my first items online.

However, after one rejection already, I’m waiting tentatively to see if our work will be accepted.

What do you think of this item? The pack includes 8 unique templates and works with both Photoshop & Illustrator.

Now, will it be accepted…


Wow you’re not messing around, you’ve gone for a fairly epic item! I would say it looks nice, but if I have a criticism it would be that I get the impression the text is a bit tightly spaced or possibly too heavy in places. Seems like the hierarchy could be fine tuned on some of them. I think there’s a good chance it’ll be approved, but according to my judgement the worst case scenario would be that it needs some fairly minor tuning up. That’s just my opinion, I’m not a reviewer. :slight_smile:

I see it was accepted - nice work!