Will it be accepted? Place your bets and critics choise.

I just post last flyers 2 years ago, and now im back with new exp. and styles of work. I’m trying to do all works with trend of design and quality between greatest looks of flyer.

Last my 2 works of 4 was approved. I glad to see what GraphicRiver is working with new rules of licenes so good.

What do you think of this flyers? Will it be accepted or rejected?)
Thanks all.

Your flyers are very nice and I think that approved it but I not am sure regards. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, its especially politics of review, Will see after few days what can be wrong or good :grinning:

Yes :slight_smile:

Great work!, Try to increase font size of the event title “Russian New Year” and event location is missing on your flyers…

All the best.

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thx, but it is special manner of my flyers))) h1, h2, h3 info :grinning:

First one Yes, second, phew, not sure, it is nice, but seems to lack something, (possibly adding lighting affects would have got it in, if it gets clobbered).

Good luck.


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thx!) i think too much effects spoils flyers, but its only meanings of designers, we all have lovely style :star_struck:

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First flyer was rejected. Gatsby was approval.
It’s jokes for authors or what?

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Big Joke…

After jokes like that i open new shop on CM ))