Why was my project rejected?

Guys, please tell me what is wrong with my project, why it was rejected.Here are some screenshots.

Definitely friends here will tell you to try to get better. But I know you are not waiting for this answer. I have your problem too. But the only person who can give you a complete answer is Themeforest, who unfortunately does not state the reason for rejecting the products.
your item is clean and useful.
Congratulations, the design is good.

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The article can be useful and can be clean as it says: @Joomlamaxcom. But it does not have the minimum quality to be accepted here. There are basic design problems everywhere.

If you, as a designer, cannot see all the design problems, the problem is even greater.

I would recommend that you spend time learning about the basics of design, it could be a relatively long road. But in the end it will have been worth it.

I am sure that in a reasonable time you will be ready to send all the projects you want.

I encourage you to keep working, don’t give up

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There are spacing and alignment issues everywhere. Themeforest reviewers will systematically reject an item with spacing and alignment problem. TF requires even spacing for each element, especially sections. This is abasic envato design rule. That green is not pretty and the typography is very weak. Overall, the theme lacks aesthetics. It would have been approved 5-6 years ago. You need to do better than the last approved restaurant design.

Good luck, you’ll get there eventually.

@cssninjaStudio @TexTheme ThemeForest examines templates and designs entirely for personal taste without any logic. I can prove it. And I also add that they only get hard on new authors. I am sending some screenshots of the latest templates approved in the ThemeForest. Are you still saying that the ThemeForest cares about spaces and padding ?!


Yup, I see you’ve spotted some nice issues. Well, let me be clear about what I think, and it is a personal opinion.

  • First, reviewers often miss alignment/spacing issues in templates, and they get published with those issues
  • Second, a lot of authors start with a minimal theme and start adding content when it is approved and, with trusted update, there is no way to check every update submission.
  • Third, Envato gets hard on new authors and Iam fine with it. They got hard with me and I had to battle several months to have my first item approved. The second wasn’t easier as well.

I think working for Envato is about commitment. Don’t forget that it is a company who needs to make profit. There is no point onboarding authors who can’t sell their products. You have to earn our spot, and like every rewarding thing in life, it is not easy. There is a lot more to say, but this should be enough for now.

Thanks for the insight :slightly_smiling_face:


I completely agree with you. Selling on the Envato platform takes hard work. I am a recent author and in order to approve the first project, it took a lot of work, as well as the subsequent ones. But I am learning and thanks for your comments, it is very important to know the opinion of other authors))