Why This Items was rejected? Need a constructive feedback! Please

I liked your composition. But there may be some mistakes in the mix.

  • You can try to saturate and volume up the bass a bit.
  • Pad should be more athmospheric, I think.
    Instead, there is nothing to say.
    Good luck!
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The track has potential.I’d personally loose the second part.( double tempo part).Just leave the future bass sidechained pads instead of it without the lead.It should be enough. The pluck lead part is good, but try to change a few notes here and there on some musical intuitive direction.Something that people could sing and hum.Unusual intervals are not quite right in the mainstream area.If you stick to the future bass-ish direction it should be good.( 0:14 till 0:26 is your song’s strength.) Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot. My mixing headphones are arriving next week!

Thank you so much. It really means a lot

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