help please why rejected

please help me understand why this track was rejected, I can’t understand what the reason is, thanks a lot

Hi VintageBoom Welcome to our forum! I’m not a pro !!! in my opinion it sounds very good, but too sparse transitions and where it sounds I’m not sure it seems vocal or wind? Is not appropriate in this track. These are my guesses !!!

can be too much discordance and harmonic tension in your chords especially on the end notes of the melody or the interval of with the double basses.
in my humble opinion




The combination of the sound/instrument selection are good. The building of layers is also good, and the mix is well balanced. However, I think the chord progress may need developing more. 1:20 solo sound may need to re-consider. If it is a vocal, then try to make it bit more realistic, or if it is supposed to be something else, then may be more unique or “nicer”. Try to have different emphasis (instrument or melody) at different stages of the track more clearly.

Personal opinion only, hope this helps you.



Thanks you very help me))