Why Paypal and not Stripe?


Hi guys,

I’m wondering why everybody uses and integrate Paypal, and not Stripe.
Paypal is cool, but often annoys users/buyers due to they have to register first to to pay.

Stripe on the other hand is direct payment onsite.

Why is Paypal so much more used than Stripe? I would definately much prefer Stripe, if only I knew how to integrate it on some of my sites!



I can see why every website owner would rather stripe than paypal. Also as stripe integrates seamlessly into your website, there are fewer steps involved eg: enter credit card details, done!

Yet while I find this great as a developer, as a buyer I’d rather use Paypal. I prefer to being redirected to Paypal, to have to login to my Paypal account, make payment and get redirected back.

The sense of security I get from this is worth so much more than trusting a third party with my credit card details.

Paypal is also the most widely used Payment operator on the web. It just means more people recognize it and will be willing to pay you. Also setup is quite easy, all you need to do is add the Paypal button on your site.

That said, it depends on many factors, mostly market demographics. Impulse buyers will generally prefer the most common method of payment i.e. Paypal. Other audiences might not want to use Paypal at all or live in a country where Paypal is not supported. My advice is to pick the most easiest payment operator to implement first and to watch your buyers and keep adding more based on feedback.


I do a lot of payment gateway integrations, and stripe is THE BEST. Their API is great, and pro-rating included, and plans, its just too good.

For SAAS I usually use stripe.
For e-commerce paypal + stripe + local bank processor

So many SDK’s written :slight_smile:


Hi dude, I prefer using stripe system for example for my e-shop where I sell some clothes,CMS Prestashop.
But the only one thing that I can’t stand is this offical prestashop stripe addon this addon doesn’t cover all worldwide.: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/24996-stripe-official.html
3 month ago I started using one cheaper stripe module which covers all countries:
When I was making my own e-shop it was my main problem.
But in general I am satisfied using stripe system.


I suspect some of it has to do with brand recognition. PayPal is (to the ‘average person’) the better known brand, and one people know have been around for a long time. Given some people are nervous about using their credit card online, using a brand that people know and can trust is a way to build trust.