What payment process i should use in case....

What payment process i should use, i live in Thailand and have many customers from Israel and other middle east countries.

Ofcurse i can use PayPal, but that’s really basic, and i don’t want to refer my customers to Paypal page.
I would like to charge them directly on my website but occurs securely.

Stripe is not supported in Thailand same goes for Paypal pro.

any suggestion from the experienced guys in here?

Go to a local bank and ask for a merchant account that can process cards online.

Personally I find Paypal much more reliable than any other payment processor and do not like inserting credit card information directly on sellers site. I usually avoid them, unless I’m shopping on a well known store. Whereas always look for Paypal in case the store is unknown to me which is most of the time.

Being able to processor payment directly on your site does not necessarily make you seem any more professional than redirecting to Paypal to process payment. Unless you have other motives, do not neglect the fact that Paypal is well known and widely supported :thumbsup:

Yeah, I wouldn’t say Paypal was basic. If it can transfer money from your customers to you, then that’s advanced as you need it.

thanks guys!