Why our item reject as quality standard required

Hi guys,

we build subtitle sharing platform they are saying it has no quality. i do not know why.
this is my item

SubCage is Subtitle sharing platform where users can download film subtitles
and provide direct movie links. Users can comment and review movies and likes,dislikes.
Filter movies according to genre, quality, rating and year.

User Website Demo

  • Link - https://subcage.codestage.lk
  • Email - user@gmail.com
  • Password - 12345678

Admin Panel Demo

  • Link - https://subcage.codestage.lk/admin/login
  • Email -super@admin.com
  • Password - 123456789

You would be immediately rejected (probably without review) for using the copyrighted and trademarked movie assets throughout the demo/design


Thanks for your support buddy but it is not the problem I think they keep rejecting things