Item Rejected for Quality Standard Issue

After working long time, I submitted a PHP Laravel Script but unfortunately, my project was rejected just within 7 minutes after submissions and I was not allowed to re-submit it again so it’s a huge disappointment for me as I was not also given any instructions for further corrections. The reason of rejection was shown Quality Standard.
Here is my item demo link:
So is there anybody here to help me to find the errors of this project? If I get the feedback, It will definitely boost me for further development of my next project.

Your language switcher doesn’t work for starters but aside from that I’m not sure - I’ve just had a quick look and now I’m off for dinner.

See what others say - keep smiling :slight_smile:

  • There is a lot going on here and it feels like you have just thrown everything possible into a page to show the extensiveness of what is on offer rather than trying to refine the output properly

  • Generally, the typography is not great and quite clinical

  • Several images are stretched

  • You cannot use trademarks like Netflix

  • The category links at the top using the cheap-looking icons really do not do you any favours

  • Product descriptions are very inconsistent and don’t feel premium or defined

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Thanks for your kind information, this will help for our next project.