Your item, my item, has been rejected

hello , I am new here …
So as my topic say I always rejected of my item for quality requirements, knowing that I have read all the articles of Most Common Item Rejection Reasons and Tips for a Successful Elements Application ,
so I have do everything says about this rejected type that is :

Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements

Unfortunately, your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.

In general, an item must:

  • Be useful to customers
  • Not include any potentially offensive content (eg. violent, sexual or otherwise offensive content)
  • Not be compressed to the point where the aesthetic quality suffers
  • Not include your logo, URL, or watermark (you may include information about your services in an attached help text file)
  • Be well constructed
  • Be as compatible as possible
  • Be easy to customize
    knowing that : I am using slim-php framework , included with AdminLTE and java script files with side server events.
    and I do everything but still get rejected , so i hope to find out what i have Miss here ?
    here is demoview

If you want feedback you need to share a demo/preview link to whatever you submitted

sure right now :
it’s a simple app to share transporting appointment with company staff and here is alive demo from my app that am try to submit it : demoview

Our work internet does not like your link - i’m sure someone else can take a look and help

so it’s not programatic problem it’s just the idea of my project , that what you mean by you not like my link ?
thanx for your time

I can’t see login to judge because our work security is quite tight and it thinks the link is suspicious

the link i think it’s work fine , this is a payed server on ipag host so i don’t know why thinks the link is suspicious .
any way highly thanx for your replay

Oh yeah, this rejection is bad. You should remake your items, make it contains more features with googd quaility and send again.

I did not understood why sidebar in login page ?

I well try to add more features , thanx for you replay

do I have remove it ?

I suggest you develop on latest technologies & latest version of packages, also design matters lot, including app features and performance. Thank you

I will try do my best , thank you for clarification .

I have make some changes to the app adding more featuers like Google map and tracking locations ,but still get same rejected , I feel so hopeless at this moment , i worked a lot on that app , Any way at least I have tried,
See you in next life Envato…:smiley:
URL has been Updated with new featuers

Don’t upload same project after hard rejection, if you do same multiple times, your upload rights may revoked by Envato team.
Take care of it.

Thank you

So what i supposed to do if i make changes on that project with hard rejection ?
do i have to make a new project with new idea or what ?
i just do what you all here tald me … ‘develop on latest technologies & latest version of packages, also design matters lot, including app features and performance’, But it same idea
i can’t understood about this , thanx.