Item rejected

Hello, I had my item rejected with the message: “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
Since that don’t explain a lot I would like some feedback and tips on how to improve my item and have it approved on the store.
A Link to my online demo:
It is a platform for video streaming


Publish demo login/password please.

Hey, it’s
pass: demo

Your idea is clear.
But the functionality is not enough. Need more premium features.
Now it’s just a system of authorization and profile management. You need to work harder.

Thank you for the reply.
Since the platform is aiming to be a video streaming, what suggestions you can give me to add more premium features?

  1. Do not publish content that you cannot use. You may have been reject due to a violation of license agreements.
  2. You need to improve design.
  3. Your navigation is incomprehensible. I do not understand what needs to be done to register. The video player looks outdated and cannot be left out.
    Add billing features.
  4. Improve the directory system.

This is only part of what you need to fix. Visit popular (Netflix for example) services to better understand the logic of such applications.