Why our html template has been hard rejected?

what is the reason? hard rejection!!!

Those CSS shadows on titles is done pretty poorly.
Other than that, it is very generic, uninspired, with very weak spacing and typography.

Thank you for your response. can you help us more? we have a lot of questions.

  1. what did you say generic? we saw a lot of templates that is less than 40% same together
  2. we don’t know what is uninspired?
  3. can you say some of the spacing problems? please point to the areas.
  4. can you say some of the typography problems?
  5. Would it still be rejected if we had a lot of previews for this template?
  6. If you wanted to give us a score from 0 to 100, what score would you give? How far are we from being confirmed in ThemeForest?

please help us with first confirm.

With respect (and it’s just our opinion) this just feels like yet another one page template with some slightly different (and risky) styling.

Personally I don’t think the shadows and the fairly bland typography is doing you any favours as it’s quite love or hate, and feels a bit amateurish, with potentially limited appeal.

The styling and typography (esp font choices and hierarchy) are the bigger issues but beyond that:

  • copy/paste content is lazy and feels unfinished
  • I’ve never understood why people include blogs without a post page
  • there’s room for improvement on mobile

1.) right, that’s why you need much more original layout, because there already are plenty of templates with layout like this
2.) not original
3.) everywhere
4.) typography is too broad of a topic to be able to just point on some specific parts of the design. It just doesn’t look professional
5.) not sure what you mean by previews, but unless you can significantly improve the design, it will be rejected
6.) I won’t give you any score, it doesn’t work like that. This is not a competition. Currently it is not even on a decent free template quality level. You need to get it on a premium quality to be approved and on a very premium quality to get sales.

Take a look at some recently approved items on ThemeForest and compare them to your design. If you can see huge quality difference then great, you just need to work harder to get there. If you do not see a huge difference, then there is much, much longer road before you.

thank you for your response.

we have question:

  1. what do you mean by “copy/paste content is lazy and feels unfinished”?
  2. the font is chosen from google fonts and it is standard. what is the problem? do you mean we must use two fonts? one for titles and one for other texts?
  3. is the shadow for titles good or we must remove that?
  4. do you think the spacing is bad? if yes can you tell us where?
  5. we saw a lot of personal templates that has a blog page and don’t have any blog details page!!!
  6. can you tell us where we can improve on mobile?

thanks a lot :pray: :pray: :pray:

thank you.

do you know any resources for typography and spacing?

  1. services, testimonials, work experience, education

  2. yes you should have font pairings or a few (as long as they work together). Perosnally Iowuld avoid the balloony/rounded fonts as these (esp. with the shadows) make things look a bit childish

  3. I would drop it- again it is v hard to execute well and comes across a little immature for a resume

  4. I’d let elements breath more esp thing slike work experience/education

  5. I know - exactly my point. It’s part of making things feel complete and avoiding upset customers

  6. Look at the hero/first section (on a phone not just making the browser smaller)

thank you again

about “I’d let elements breath more esp thing slike work experience/education”:

Do you say the margin is very low? and other places is not compatible with this?


if we resolve this problems we can have been approved?