Why my psd was hard rejected? please help me.

Hello to all:

Maybe my psd is too generic? please help me thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

Hi @JeriTeam, well there are several reasons for the rejection:

  1. Color scheme/color combination - the colors that you have chosen are way too saturated, especially the main background color. The blue clashes with the red and it’s not nice on the eyes.
  2. General layout and design - I would say the layout and design is way too basic. The showcase of the item is not good enough and your item looks unfinished. By that I mean that it’s not clear enough what the template’s main target is - is this a games related blog, maybe a store, or a online discussion platform? You should make your item more “streamlined” if that makes sense. Currently it’s just a combination of basic pages with no concrete idea.
  3. The typography needs improvement - a serif font is used for the navigation, which again clashes with the other sans-serif font used throughout. The “testimonials” part is hard to read because of the font-size/font-style. The paragraphs seems to me should use a little lower line-height value.
  4. Generally, the item feels unfinished and thus it’s hard to make it “sellable” to someone.
    Those are just some of the things that come to mind. I think that you should refine the design, make the layout more interesting, refine the styling of the components like buttons, navigation, etc. and most importantly, make it more “streamlined” - the item shouldn’t feel like some combination of random pages, but a ready-to-use product.
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Thank you I was wrong my psd sorry, I create new psd maybe better thank you again.