My PSD Item Got Hard Reject PSD

I have some approved psd item in my old profile but I got so many hard rejection with my new account please help me to find out the issue.

Please Help me @LSVRthemes @JeriTeam.



Your design is fine but I think you need to improve typography and spacing.

Thanks! @ JeriTeam

I if possible can you please mark where you feel typography & spacing are not good that will help me so much. because I can’t find the issue.

Thank you for your important Time & Support.

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for example “spacing” measure same above and below banner, sections, etc, you already used different measure. The truth is that I don’t like letters of your typography, you need to add colors or a little bigger, etc… work with your creative, do you understand me? Sorry my english not good, thanks.

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Yes, I’ll focus on your points thanks for your valuable Feedback & Time.

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