2nd Hard Rejected in Design. Please give Feedback for approval.

I got hard rejected 2nd time but i am following the guidelines that themeforest have mentioned and also i am focusing on details. Please give me your feedback so that i can get the new design approved. Now i am working on design a One Page PSD Hosting Template
Looking forward to your feed back.image

PSD category is very hard to approve. However What client say section needs improvement. The paragraphs typography isn’t great work on that.

Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me why is it hard and also is there anything else you think needs to be changes?

Technically the design is ok but still room for improvement in typography esp. titles, consistency in spacing on certain sections

Probably the biggest issue is that it is far too basic and lacks anything uniquely original.

PSDs are probably the hardest category to be approved in as your design must be pixel perfect in design as well as offering enough features and creative individuality to it to warrant someone wanting to code it

Charlie 4282. Thank you for your feedback.