why my psd template reject

Hello Friends
can you tell why this psd template reject

To me it feels a bit cluttered and too much going on

The main issue is typography esp font choices, line height and hierarchy

what can i do to improvement there issues…

Google typography - there are loads of tutorials

As an example the service blocks - spacing on title, copy and button could be improved and line height of copy is too close

The challenge with PSD is they need to be flawless and pixel perfect throughout

thank you so much…
can you give some reference link or some thinks to easy to understand as soon as i improve there issues…

Will share some later on

Try this http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/series/a-z-of-web-typography–webdesign-11706

Now. I can see the design on a laptop:

  • Main slider - headline font choice is not good, sub-copy could be improved (size, line height, font), buttons are not distinguished enough blue on blue

  • Generally, the body copy is a bit misty, small and the line height is too narrow

  • In portfolio show what happens on hover/rollover (as you do with team people)

  • Service/testimonial/contact/etc subheading is too small, same copy as subtitle and description below each icon lacks hierarchy or styling

  • Big empty space to left of best pricing title

Generally, you need to be cautious with refinement and attention to detail - there are lots of ‘little things’ that could be tidied up

thank you…