My PSD Template Has been rejected, Why??

Hi There!

They just rejected my PSD Template for the reason that it doesn’t meet the required standards and I don’t understand what’s wrong with my design:

Here is a preview image for my template:

Here is the documentation: here
I included This PSD file with two others, one for a single post and one for category post

For Expert Authors can you please tell me what’s wrong with it so I can Improve my future designs


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Your biggest problem is:

  • typography esp font choices and styling

  • Spacing e.g. there’s a lot going on but the way it works together needs work. everything needs a purpose - don’t add sections for the sake of it

  • hierarchy this is reflected n the first two points but if you improve on this then that will help with the layouts, type etc.


Thanks, I really appreciate that, can you provide me with resources to learn more about those issues?

Thanks again

To be honest there are so many and Google is your friend

for typography, there is a great choice here

a favourite shared by reviewers here for hierarchy is

This is actually really sensible as a basics checklist as is this

A key thing to remember is that it is not about one skill - type, composition, layout etc. all needs to work together otherwise a design will never look right


Thank You!