Why my item is not in popular items of the week?

One of my HTML item had 13 sales last week. Why is not add here on the list?

Probably because there’s no items with 12 sales on the list… and the odds of there being exactly 6 items that had 13 sales are pretty low. As the list only fits 50 items, then there must be some criteria for including (or excluding) items that have the same amount of sales. If there were 55 or 60 or 100 items in the list… then it’s extremely likely your item would have been included.

That’s all just a guess, but it would make sense.

Thank you for respond.

I just saw now, there was update and my item is included, all is fine. Obvious there was/is some delay (about 1h) in updating items list.

Thank you, all is fine now.

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