Why my HTML templates gets rejected on Envato?

Dear all,

I really need your help, in why my HTML templates hard rejected on Envato? I learned and followed all steps and uploaded files as per required, thumbnail, inline-preview & screenshot images and files as per given below tutorial but every time all are rejecting without mentioning specific reasons, where I am doing mistakes in media files, code, comments, design, document, Names, etc.

Demo links:

Chuncks Stock template
Gardentico template


with all due respect but your designs are very outdated and basic. Also, please, DO NOT use those “in view” animations. They were hip maybe ten years ago, now they are just super obtrusive.

Greetings ,
I have reviewed your template it looks good but I think your template is showing some code quality issue.

Hi @LSVRthemes,
Thank you for your feedback,
I tried to understand your comment but I want you to know that I have seen many templates on envato market which are one page templates and their design is very simple and simple animation which is very common in a sites and Recently uploaded successfully in envato. Have any specific criteria for a one-page template?
And I have also seen your portfolio, your designs are different and good.
I just want to know from you what points we have to see in the design and in the code so that we can also upload the template. guide us, please.

First one just looks like a few mobirise blocks piled on top of each other with no consistency or proper styling. It’s very rare to have items built using that type of tool approved because it’s not proper coding and often messy

Second one breaks just about every basic rule of design especially in terms of the typography, shadows that really do not work, inconsistent styling, no hierarchy, stretched images etc.