Why my template submission has been rejected?


Three days ago, I have submitted my HTML Template “Benito Authentic Photography | HTML Template”, a one-page Template, which met all the quality standard mentioned by Envato. But for some reason, they send me an email telling my template has been rejected. So I am writing to know why such a thing has happened if my template is of high quality and comparable to those that are already on the Envato market.

Thank you!
Monero Jeanniton

PS: Here a link link to online demo of my template: http://jeanniton.me/benilo/

Hi there:

Your design is too basic, portfolio need add images, too spacing, bad colors, etc you need practice more for approved themeforest.-


Hey Jeri!

Thank you for your feedback. It’s really appreciated from me. Can give me any suggestions for the colors and some tips to make my template more advance. I am just a bad designer (although i think I made some improvements).

Thank you