Why my flyer was hard reject ?

Why my 3 flyer was hard reject?

hi i think that in a general way the first is a bit minimalistic , you have a misbalance between top and bottom parts, the bottom being more crammed than the top one being very light … “festival” is hardly readable and definitely not popping out as it could e expected. it looks little bit strange to have no shadow behind the truck. the footer truck looks a little too imbricated

second on
i am sorry but i fail to identify what the two shapes behind the beer and i think that this is a problem indeed. The date is imbricating a bit too much in the main title and this is making some readability . same goes with the brush, u either need to extend the brush or to decrease the etc inside so that this is lifting better. The flyer is not properly balanced because the space between the top margin and the content is way smaller than between the lower margin and the content above , u should also indeed, put the small isolated line closer form the rest of the footer

third one
u basically have the same issues as for flyer 2, about the brush, about the imbrication of the text with the central composition above and i might add that brush is too much over barrel or not enough but like this is the “worst positioning” at the moment, i would rather personally make go farther …

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Thankyou :smile:

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