3 flyer Hard Rejected. need advice

Any adivices?

A4 / All Elements 3d render

hi my friend, i think that the footer is a bit “heavy” at this stage in the first flyer, u should make it lighter. Add some texture and effects in the background and try to make sure that the text looks more visible

for the second one, it looks like kind of an issue of alignment of texts, u have some flagged in the middle, some on the right and some on the left it does not look homogenous enough at the moment, the whole flyer looks slightly too dark if u ask me, too

the ast one is good, really good, u just need to make ure that texts are popping out a bit more (by darkening for instance, making it in a darker grey color). I would add a smooth sahdow under the composition nand i would take out the text on the upper right part …

all this is good all teh same u have a good and solid base to work on, just fix a few little things and all should be ok … :slight_smile: