Why my first logo was Hardrejected? Please Help



My first logo on Graphicriver was rejected on quality reasons.
Their precise words: “It isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

Please help me to understand the reason and how i can improve my work, thank you.

Here my preview image:


It may be too simple in my opinion, I guess I saw few similar items on the market even though I’m not too familiar with logo category. I would also remove the shadow below the graphics.


Thank you for your help :wink:


The ‘crest iconography’ is excellent, but doesn’t define a particular niche. You have an opportunity to nestle a defining ‘icon’ within that ‘v’ to make it niche specific. I can think of perhaps 3 different ‘shapes/icons’ that are popular and could work across many sectors. Think of the diamond shape for inspiration. @jlokdesign highlighted the need to remove the shadow, so definitely do that.

Your font choice works well with the sharpness of this crest, but the name should be more succinct (think, ‘FINANCIAL’ as opposed to ‘FINANCIAL PRIME’) instead of so wide reaching. The line under the heading works in my opinion, but should be the same ‘grey’ as the tagline so that it doesn’t take away from the icon and company name. Again, the crest is really well crafted, so you have the basis of a logo that (I think) could work well, but I’m only on the outside looking in too.



Thank you very much…i´m impressed that you thought about how i can improve my logodesign! You´ve done the job of Graphicriver or Envato, this example shows how it should be. I take your tips and rework my design. Your words and thoughts help really a lot!!!



I totally agree. Try his help and you will get the item approved


Thank you for your help :wink: