Why error upload my file flyer format .zip graphicriver?

Hello to all authors:

Why error upload my file flyer format .zip?

Please help me thank you…


remove browser cache, install flash player then try or use envato ftp

Thank you so much, I already upload ftp working it.

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hi Jeri i recommend u either to close the page of the same browser when restart the uploading process or even better to change browser and restart the uploading process, as this kind of thing happens often and by doing what i told u this can be prevented indeed :slight_smile:

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Thank you my best friend :slight_smile:

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it was the christmas one that u have uploaded? :slight_smile:

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Yes :slight_smile:

a very few times this error can be happened. very simple solution will be: click the ‘Cancel’ button (the error one) then click ‘Choose Files’ button and reupload the file (the missing one) and hope all will be fine.

As you have used ftp, it is fine to go with alternative solution.

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