Help please!

I have been trying for the last two days to upload a background bundle to graphicriver with no success… I tried with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I also tried 3-4 times with FTP… always the same problem - the main file (zip format) gives an error at the end of the upload ( via browser) or dont show up at all when uploaded with FTP. Please advice what might be the problem…

ps. I tried zipping with WinZip, Stuffit and Archive Utility ( Mac )

Well, finally managed to upload via FTP, my bad - I was uploading to the wrong FTP ( ) instead of However the browser problem still remains…

Was it over 500MB? Usually doesn’t work if so… FTP is the way to go for larger files.

Yes, indeed it was around 800 mb

Yeah, I’ve occasionally manged to upload stuff over 500 with the web based uploader… but it’s very rare.