Why envato did not protect our items copyright!?

We are paying 30% or $12 per sale to Envato and we except they will protect our items but out of TF are many sites that selling our items for 1$
Take a look at this: cho…

I have a huge bunch of traffic from that site and if you look close you can see they are selling well! but why Envato didn’t any action about this sites!? that site is ignoring my DMCA

No they can’t as you own the copyright from the item, it’s upto you as the owner to protect your item. Envato only sell your item on their platform, if they were given copyright of your item you wouldn’t be able to remove it from the site etc.

You are paying Envato to list the item on their platform, nothing else.

Look at tools such as http://killer.freshface.cz/ which will give you a helping hand with DMCA protection but realistically it’s not worth spending a lot of time on as you will never stop it happening.


Thanks for clarification
But sites like that ignoring DMCA requests and they will not stop selling… What we should do in this situation?

If you really want to continue then find their web host (http://www.whoishostingthis.com/) (check the IP just to be sure) and report them via their host, who have an obligation to remove any offending material.

Also you can submit reports to Google (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dmca-dashboard) (need webmasters activated).

If you get them shut down they will just start again, it’s a never ending battle as web content is easily copyable so I personally wouldn’t spend much time doing anything about it as it’s just you chasing the dogs tail.

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@Gareth_Gillman is spot on and I would add that this is far from an issue exclusively faced by authors on envato.

It’s exactly the same on pretty much all marketplaces like this.

not even marketplaces, a quick google will give you every kind of music and films for free, you can’t protect stuff on the web unless you want to continially keep chasing the perps…

.it’s too easy to release content out there which makes it easy for someone to copy and give it away for free.

Yes gareth is right. The issue here is the fee is to large for the scope of the service that envato offers. 30% was great 2 years ago but now i think fee should be lowered. But thats just a fantasy. % system was much more fair cooperation among authors and envato. And piracy protection is one service that while back was partially included for example a while back they told us to report this kind of sites my latest atempt resulted in reply that we own items and we should adress it. So my point is it was not always like that

One time I sent a support message to Envato and thief site was shutdown :smiley: