Violation of my copyrights

Hello Envato community, someone stole my item that I sell it on codecanyon, and he include my item in his themeforest template, I’ve filed a complaint to Envato that there are someone violate of my copyrights In addition, In addition, I proved it to them through a video showing the identical codes but he said that I must submit a DMCA.
but to suppose that I submitted a DMCA I need to know what is the next step and How Envato will remove my item.
thank you

These might help a bit…

Thank you for your reply, the problem that this person is author in themeforest and I see that envato should compare between my item and his item, it’s identical

If it’s on envato then let support know and they will take action to investigate and remove it.

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DMCA is still the fastest way, because Envato cannot dispute or ignore a DMCA complaint on their own, so it’s a quick takedown with no review/comparison.

Thank you I contact with Envato more than once and each time Envato employee say that I must submit a DMCA to hosting company (in this case bitballon) and I already submitted a DMCA to Bitballon but no reply!!

thank you for your reply I know that I muse submit a DMCA but the problem that this person is author in themeforest,net so Why don’t envato compare my code and his code?!

It’s quite a long and complicated reason why Envato can’t just compare the two items, but rest assured that a DMCA is the best course of action.

If he’s selling it on ThemeForest then send the DMCA to Envato.

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yeah, he selling in themeforest