DMCA takedown format

Please can anyone provide me with a valid DMCA complaint format for the author copied our work to themeforest. Our team is also an author on themeforest. We have visited the help section but it is not very clear does we need to submit in letter format or in steps format as they have described. Any help will be really appreciated. Please describe in detail.

Great question. There isn’t any official format for DMCA notices - you just need to specify certain information. Here’s a basic overview of what you should include:

  1. That you are the copyright owner of the infringed work, or are authorized to act on their behalf.
  2. The URLs of the items infringing your work.
  3. The URL of your original work.
  4. That you have good faith belief the URLs provided do in fact infringe your copyright.
  5. That you are requesting the infringing items be removed.

We have submitted previously but they replied us

"Thank you for contacting us on this important issue, and for submitting a DMCA take down notice.

Unfortunately, the notice is not in the correct format and is missing the following information:

  • Detailed description of allegedly infringing content, if possible please provide screenshots.

  • Please provide in PDF or JPG format with your signature."

Its not clear why they need screenshot if we have provided URL. And Secondly its unclear about the second point pdf format of my signature or whole dmca notice.

Thanks for replying.

Hello @joseph2190

you can follow this format
DMCA Template.pdf (75.5 KB)

Thanks you so much im looking for it. I will let you know after submitting they accepted or not.

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I think these are helpful for you:

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Hello @joseph2190

Good luck bro :slight_smile:

One last question we need to send this to envato right?


Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


On a side note prepare your DMCA take down notice carefully. We were not careful and the author copying our code has now made more sales and is now a power elite author. We were able to convince but not Themeforest people for the takedown.

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