About my items receiving DMCA notification ...


3 items received DMCA takedown notification. It’s been about 10 days but my items are still inactive. Please I want my items to be published as soon as possible.

My items receiving the DMCA notification:




Did you follow the instructions on what you need to do in the case of a DMCA notification? Hopefully you have… as just based on your post, it makes it sound like you’re under the impression that if you just wait long enough, they’ll be re-published automatically without any action required!

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As @SpaceStockFootage mentioned, items don’t get re-published automatically. DMCA’s are a legal document that that claim the wrongful use of someone else’s intellectual property. These are no joke and you should get in touch with Envato Authors Help and Support as soon as possible.

It says I should wait in the articles. I have already sent a message to the support unit. I really don’t know what else to do. My sales were negatively affected.

That is what you should do. Support will get back to you with more info after the situation is assessed.

Waiting is the least step in the process… the first is to send a DMCA counter notification if you want your items reinstated. Have you done that? If not, that’s what support will advise you to do if you dispute the DMCA.

Now I have prepared a document. I plan to send this. I hope it helps. Thank you for your support.

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