My code ripped-off and sold on Themeforest - Frustrating

Im selling Opencart themes, and Opencart extensions as part of my income. Recently I discovered that 10 themes on themeforest includes my blog extension, and has been redistributing it for quite some time.

I contacted the the authors who currently includes the blog, and offered them to purchase extended license (5 times the regular license, so no extortionate price)

The answer I got was just like “Sorry buddy, but Im not interested in extended license, I will remove it from the themes as soon as possible”

This is really frustrating, especially since their themes are priced $20, and the blog has been widely spread already.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of fine/compensation for this sort of behavior on Themeforest? :triumph:

Take it (including those messgaes) to support or submit a DMCA and get it removed.

You could give them a final 24 hour warning but quite frankly they have owned up to being in the wrong and you do not need to wait for the author to take it off the item.

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Ok, thanks for the reply. So, I can forget about getting any sort of compensation for the damage caused? Worst case scenario for selling other users work on themeforest is to get caught and take it down?

It’s not something that anyone in the forums can answer - that would be a matter to discuss with suppport

Ok, thanks

Hi Karl. It’s easy to solve this problem. You have to create DMCA, send it to Envato support. Demand themeforest to freeze earning till authors compensate losses. After each author who stolen your extension will pay $2 per sale(for example). When author compensate money, Envato unfreeze earnings.

Thanks Sergii. I submitted a DMCA, and envato has taken down all 11 themes. I think I will just have to wait and see what happens next…

I’m sure authors will admit the mistake