how can i show hidden item in themeforest shopify theme

i have shopify multipurpose theme in themeforest already 10 times sold but last days my item has been hidden from themeforest, themeforest sent email like this

These URLs show ThemeForest webpages offering for sale unauthorized versions of our client’s Shopify Themes.

and DMCA complained just
Copyright owner or authorised agent: I am the Authorised Agent of the copyright owner of the

Alleged infringed content: Ecommerce Website Templates - Free and Premium Themes for Your Online Store.

no details send me themeforest for which part will copyright just send general message so how can i solve this issue, anyone please help me

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Creating multiple threads with different account won’t help you to solve the problem as I have already suggested the way you should continue with at this thread:

it’s may be our developer was create threads, i didn’t find any solution form themeforest article because of our complain agent not clear which part copyright issue, so you can suggest me how can i get back my item, Thanks

I have shared the links already for the stages you need to follow, if you have more questions, you can contact Envato support.

There has been some similar issues before, if you search the forum, you may find some other suggestions but it will probably end at the same place : contacting Envato.

You don’t need to pay third company to submit the form that you can find online for free. You can just do it by yourself.

hi, @ki-themes i have contact my DMCA complain broker he want to my codebase and remove S-Bag shopify logo from themepreview but theme forest most of 80% theme use shopify s-bag logo. can i share my codebase in DMCA agent?

I’m not sure how they work but you usually don’t need an agency/broker for the progress. Removing the logo itself not gonna solve the problem as you’d need to contact Envato to get the item approval once again.

You can just contact Envato support and request details about the exact problem why they removed the item, then you can take an action.

This article may help you Using our brand

@Nova-works thank you so much for forwarding helpful resource

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