Any solution for getting not nulled?

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We have seen several websites where our premium WordPress themes are available for free of cost. Is there any solution you can suggest, preventing them.
Our sales are going down day by day just cause of it.

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No way to prevent it – even if you bake certain protections into the item they can simply remove them.

The best thing you can do as an author is to keep pushing out new improvements to your items. Releasing new items will also gather attention to your old ones and boost your sales overall. :rocket:

For any sketchy websites that you believe are infringing upon your copyright, you can invoke the DMCA. It’s simple to send a DMCA complaint and there are resources all over the internet for it, just give it a quick search. Some websites won’t respond to your complaints. In those cases simply send the complaint to Google or Bing instead, and they will remove the webpages from search results.

Thanks @baileyherbert!

@Chimpstudio I’ll also suggest you read this document on the Author help center, if you haven’t already:

It mentions a few things you can do, and one of them is to follow the link there to report the issue to us (in a help ticket). We have a team who follows up all such reports. We can’t guarantee any particular outcome, but if we don’t know about it we can’t do anything about it.

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Quick disclaimer, I am not a lawyer this is just an explanation of what we do (for more accurate information you should contact a lawyer or copyright professional).

You can send DMCA notices directly to site owners, via email or contact form. But in our experience you have less than a 50% chance of actually hearing back from the person illegally redistributing your item.

A more fruitful option is to DMCA the links on Google (use their troubleshooter tool, select the option for intellectual property then copyright infringement) to keep the links from ranking in search results, and to send DMCA notices to the website’s hosting company, domain registrar and/or CDN (using a ICANN or Whois look up can help).

And quick note - there are some automated DMCA services you can use, however we haven’t found one yet that is both affordable and effective.

Thanks, @baileyherbert, for your precious words.
Yeah, going for DMCA, let’s see what will happen.

@rosssimpson Thanks for sharing it. I have submitted request on help ticket.

@WPExplorer Trying to do this too…

But After contacting some website’s owner, I got that they have right to sell or distribute theme forest item as theme forest allows GPL license. Means all our products are also a part of GPL, hence anyone can sell or distribute our theme. Then how come we can claim that they are sharing it without our permission??

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No - Themeforest items are not GPL. Instead Envato uses split licensing - this type of license acknowledges that core functions of CMS platforms are GPL (e.g. PHP and integrated HTML per their help doc) but the product as a whole as a whole is a protected, individually copyrighted work.

So long as you have not marked your portfolio as being GPL then others are not allowed to redistribute without your permission and you are entitled to protect your work (and seek damages).

*again - not a lawyer, this is just my understanding.