Can we put some checks on our theme to not get nulled?

Hi Dear All,

Every theme is getting nulled day by day or re-selling in very low cost at different sites.

I just want to ask to envato, is it possible if we can create some checks on installing the theme?

So the only user who have purchased it from themeforest can install theme.

OR IF TF allows, we can run some back commands through which we will be able to get the domains which are using our themes but not paid. In this sense, we can take some action against them and getting stop for being nulled.

Need suggestion from other authors and TF as well.

Best Regards

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You can use the envato API to restrict certain features of an item pre-registration using a purchase code.

You will never be able to track installation etc. and as authors, hold that degree of personal information on buyers

This is getting a concern day by day. Wish that Envato would do something in this direction and protect the author’s work.