How to deal with nulled sellers and free distributors .

I am working on a wordpress them from about a month . i want to list it on themeforest but i am afraid of many website which provide nulled theme and even distribute on free how can i deal with it . even themeforest does not took action against them but they charge almost 40% of earning . and a a small developer i don’t have too much resource to deal with them .

What can be the best solution.

only the copyright owner can submit a DMCA or claim against this type of issue.


Unfortunately nulled themes are easy to find - HOWEVER, what you need to focus on is that you are selling a theme to potential buyers who do want support for themes, and do not want to end up having their own website compromised because someone who nulled a theme puts in a little back door so they can mess around.

You need to make this point clear to buyers, so they realise downloading nulled themes is not the way to go.

Below are some of the key reasons to not use nulled themes for your WordPress site, which you would point these out to your buyers.

  1. Website Security & Privacy
    The providers of nulled themes hack the original premium theme using nasty and malicious coding. These themes usually have backdoors, and when you use them, the hackers can enter from the backdoor to infect the website.
  2. Nulled Themes Are Illegal
    The use of pirated themes can lead you to legal proceedings if the original developers of them file a complaint against you. In such scenarios, you might need to pay huge sums to lawyers.
  3. No Support from Theme Creators
    If you buy or download the nulled themes, nobody is responsible. Hence, there is nobody to provide support in case you face any issues with the theme.
  4. Nulled Themes Affect SEO
    Nulled themes contain spam links and malicious code, which create a clustered environment on your site. Using the spam links, the attackers can redirect your visitors to other websites that can harm them. Thus, the users will start leaving your site, and your website risks being shut down.
  5. Can’t update WordPress
    If you use the pirated WordPress themes, you won’t be able to update the WordPress version, or at best, you will still have a website that is potentially compromised.

Just for clarity -

a) Envato cannot make copyright claims, it has to be the author who actually own items.

b) the sad fact is that regardless of how who nulled sites are, as fast as you tackle one, several others will appear - there has to be a consideration around the feasibility and investment in trying to take them on.

Thanks everyone for your reply .
Why didn’t envato market make a system by collaborating with dcma , google , bing etc so we can report illegal use of our code/ theme to envato market and they can send to google , bing etc . It will be easy to them because they have more resource .
They should also took responsibility on it because they took almost 40% of selling .

Unfortunately it has to be the copyright owner except in special circumstances where a third party is authorised but this is not as simple as it sounds.

Plus if envato were to do this then there’s a potentially huge resource cost that would need to be covered (existing commission is already going on tech and resource in use now) and even then it is 99.9% impossible to make any kind of real impact on sites like these making the investment questionable.

Nulled sites is obviously not right but no one is ever going to be able to overcome them (this is not an exclusive issue for items on envato) and authors have to focus on other things.