Why doesn't my product sell?

Hi. Im new in VH. I produced and submitted a product. but there has been no sales for 10 days. Not even one. I want to ask you to review my product and give advice that can help me. is this possible in the forum? can i write the link of my product here?

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Sorry about my english. Im using Google Translate.

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I think there´s nothing wrong with your project, problem is that there is a huge competition nowadays (specially with wedding projects and slideshows), so that makes difficult to sell items fast for any author. Just one thing, aren´t 20 minutes a really long time for a video preview? maybe if you show everyting faster, because customer could get bored watching the whole long preview, anyway it´s just my opinion.
Nothing more to say but be patient, sales will come. And add more items to your portfolio to have more chances to get sales.
Good Luck!


thank you very much for your kind comment. I will think of what you say. I wish you good sales too.

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I like your product.

Reasons for not selling:

  1. There may be more products like the product.

  2. Factors such as essay pages and discount attempts up to the past have affected some author groups negatively.

  3. People tend to be more compact and packaging designs.

  4. Envato is a big market, but product promotions are no longer enough in envato

Thank you for your kind comments. I will be think about that.