Envato / Videohive why my new movies do not sell?

It does not make sense. I’m going to trust you Envato / Videohivie what for me exclusive?

Because they are horrible and nobody wants to buy them.

I don’t mean that, I’ve not even seen them. They could be wonderful… but it can’t hurt to think that way, before looking for external reasons why your items might not be selling. If you’re confident your items are the best they can be, and are able to compete with similar items then it might be worth reviewing your titles, descriptions, preview assets and keywords. Compare them to your older items that I’m assuming were selling ok?

There’s always a certain amount of random variance as well… unless you have a large number of sales then there’s always going to be ups and downs. How new are they, maybe they just need a bit of time? How many sales are you getting on older items? If you’re getting 100 sales a month on an older item of the same kind of standard, and one sale a month on your new items, then that’s a bit out of the ordinary. If it;s 5 sales a month on your older stuff, and 1 sale a month on your new stuff then that’s less out of the ordinary.

Anyway, far too many potential factors to say exactly what the issue might be. There has been testing on the search function recently which changed the default order from newest, so that might have had a slight affect.