Why does Envato Market use deprecated code in their review process?

Greetings fellow Envatoers :slight_smile:

So lately we are working hard to recode all of our products to get the Envato compliancy badge. And we are going deep. Recently our team was joined by Grandmaster Andrej who took over the point for this tremendous task of which nobody envies him, and he is doing an awesome job.

He quickly started to feel the burning sensations inside, once the first soft rejections started to come in.
For a specific thing, he posted this to Envato GitHub:

And as you can see, as usual, a simple response was made with no use at all.

Now if all of this is not an issue then please do not waste our time by point this out in soft rejections.

And as stated there are some good points but in our opinion, if the badge is earned for good practices then this kind of thing’s however small it may seem should be addressed with more care, especially if we do get rejections for it.


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Hi @Anps!

It looks like there’s been some miscommunication here - that GitHub Issue was closed as it’s not a technical issue that prevents the tool from operating. That doesn’t mean that the points raised aren’t a potentially important issue, in a broader sense.

Currently, WP_Filesystem is part of our requirements, so the Theme Check tool is correct in making sure that it is used. Those requirements do change over time, though.

The best place to submit requests for changes to our requirements is via an Author Support ticket - those are triaged straight to the appropriate teams, and are incorporated into the decision-making process when requirements are updated.

It’s also important to note that the Envato Theme Check tool is only one part of the review process. It can quickly highlight many of the common issues that we see in theme submissions, allowing the review team to focus on more detailed examination of themes that pass that stage. Specialised review is still required before the items go on sale to customers, though.

I confirm the Themeforest review process of WordPress themes is broken. Most of the times I have been forced by the reviewer to slow down my theme, add completely unnecessary code, and even add bugs to pass the review process.

The forced escaping of everything is one of the most broken parts. I’m forced to do this for example:

$x = “abc”
echo esc_html($x);

It’s a know fact that you don’t need to escape this. In a situation when you use HTML it even creates bugs.

There is no miscommunication here, things need to change, you need to keep in mind that prolonging with rejections that have no point at all or even promote bad practices or getting rejected due to bad installations from reviewers is a huge nono. Losses that we have due to wp compliancy enforcement are huge, 50% to be direct.

Now I do know that Envato does not suffer greatly because of our los however we do. And every minute you steal from us with unjustified reviewing is absolutely unacceptable.

As @Schiocco pointed out it’s bad.

And we are a power elite author. I can’t imaging how it is for a single man band author.

I use “wp_kses_post” to escape HTML content.

I know but using it is prompt to errors(it can strip codes that you need) and anyway is wasting of processing power if it’s not required to escape the content at all. The problem is that reviewers request to escape things that should never be escaped.