Why Envato is careless about updating the theme review guidelines?



I have got my theme reject for more than 5 times and every time a new reviewer reviews it and new points comes in the rejection pipeline, we try to fix what we have on the themeforest guidelines as well as the points they use to tell everytime in rejections.

I think envato has to update their Reviewers guidelines or Submission requirements in one place where new and existing authors follow the guidelines and make sure the theme is ready to be submitted instead of wasting time of both author and reviewer and waiting 14 days for approval.

Reviewer rejects with certain points which we can’t find solutions for those even in google, tried posting it on stackoverflow and stackexchange.wordpress.com and its hard for them to answer the questions sometimes.

At least with an example for the rejected question is required. Providing the feedback with answer and example will saves much time of a reviewer and authors so its better they put on those rejection points with an answer in the email or at Themeforest WordPress Submission guidelines or at one place.

I’m getting disappointed with the services though i try to improve my codings too. If we mail to reviewer no response from them regarding explanation, help, guideline or suggestion to rejected points as well. They never response to those emails. If we get a response from reviewers we can at least guide other authors to follow those guidelines.

  • Whats next step to get help for the rejected points?
  • Is there anyone here in the forums who are ready to help with the rejection points?

Wakeup Authors and make a request to envato to Update WordPress Theme Submission Guidelines which helps every author who wants to make submission of their items and earn money.

This issue is not mine and I’m not the only one who is experiencing these rejections.

I need an envato staff and reviewers attention also on this topic so that it will be time saving for reviewers and authors if they have a word here that what shall we do.


Even worse is the case when you fix something in first soft rejection and you do not mention it in further soft rejections, when new reviewer comes he can soft reject it again on that matter since they do not read what previously got fixed. XD


AivahThemes is right…
Envato need to revert with regarding explanation of reject reasons of theme and make stick with single reviewer, every time a new reviewer review theme creating more issue for author.

Envato Team, themeforest is very good platform for Ui/Ux Designer/Web Developers, etc…
please add some efforts for support more authors come to TF and earn money.


Envato should update their document about review process too :slight_smile:


I too agree that the reviewer guidelines should be provided in some where to go through before uploading our new theme.

Mine also soft rejected several times just because of new guidelines are not mentioned any where on the themeforest.