ThemeForest Reviewers Design Guidelines

We are again at the frustrating point of the WordPress Theme approval and things get really ridiculous here. After 20 days of waiting we get the first soft reject with 9 points for fixing, which is expected. We fix those points, submit again and the new list for changes comes.This pattern continues and we are at the fifth soft reject now.

What is more frustrating is the fact that each rejection adds new different points for fixing. If we are going to wait one month for a comment about an item submission, it will be nice to have the whole list of points for fixing so they can be fixed in one go. Now we waste time in fixing, submitting, fixing and again submitting.

Not only this, but every time a different reviewers check the theme and each of them has a different opinion on the theme design. And the inconsistencies here are very baffling. Here is a small list of some of them:

We have a Theme with the 3rd “issue” already submitted and selling. As for the second issue, there are lots of themes out there with custom search design, but button on the left is a no-no.

So why don’t you put some Design Guidelines (like the WordPress Theme Submission Requirements) so everyone can follow them and create the same generic theme over and over again? We can design the Themes to look good in the Unit Test (as 90% of the issues come from it) and we are good for approval. It doesn’t matter if it is a WooCommerce or Portfolio Theme - the Unit Test blog posts must look alright.

P.S And stop with those placeholder text answers as we are tired of “going over it with a fine toothed comb and weed out these basic design issues”. Instead of adding new points for fixing each time, a full list of the issues will be a better answer, so we don’t lose one more month fixing 2-3 different issues at a time.