Why do you think my theme got rejected?


My theme got rejected for ThemeForest.
Here is the demo url https://demo.uniqthemes.com/reeko/

This is the second theme that got rejected. We are working on this framework since one year with our own page builder.

Can you tell me what is the reason that makes my theme not meet the quality standard required to move forward?

Hi! I think your theme has an interesting starting position, but in many ways it looks pretty basic. Work through the details and get success

It needs significant work on mobile optimisation, typography and code validation

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll work on focusing on the design details.

Can you show me little thing that we should work on. Like, Does it need more animations? Is the typography not used properly. Is the color scheme not selected properly?

I really appreciate your feedback. Can you tell me some pointers.

I am right now working on Envato Theme Check Plugin Validation. It seems that base64 functions are not allowed for themes so we will have to create a separate plugin for our framework as well.

Will have to give more feedback when I have a laptop but check w3C (appreicate it’s not always right) as there are numerous avoidable errors