Hard rejected theme review

Hey guys,

I am new to Envato and I recently created my first theme for Themeforest, but unfortunately it was rejected. Because in the email the team did not write the reasons I hope you will give me a feedback on what is wrong and how to improve. Here is the link to the theme: http://kalothemes.byethost4.com/?i=1

Also do you think that this subdomain is bad for preview link for my themes?

Sorry but you are way off yet.

  • many mobile issues with spacing, inconsistency, broken nav etc.

  • the fundamental design features all need work, spacing, margins, typography

  • generally there is a lack of premium feel to the design and this is one of the most crowded categories on TF. You have to bring pixel perfect design and something unique/original to compete

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Code is not validated and structured. Check

It’s about the design, looks unfinished but on the other aspect, there are lots of similar/same theme at the moment as well. I suggest you to find another idea or make some specific/unique changes as well

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I have validated my files with no errors. The host added some codes, particularly js codes so maybe it is because of that. I will post a screenshot.

Thanks for the feedback, that is the feedback I needed. What about the domain name and hosting? Are they not appropriate or violate rules?

Thanks for the reply and feedback! You just helped quite a bit with the info you provided. Just a last question, because I saw nothing in the guidelines about the domain name and hosting choices for live preview. Are mine okay or do i need to use a premium one?

It’s fine, no worries. (the hosting)

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