Why do audiojungle items have ratings?

I’ve always wondered this. I mean, it’s that big of a deal, (nobody has ever rated my tracks) but I’ve always thought it was odd that clients could rate audiojungle tracks.

I mean, I can understand the usefulness of ratings for things like wordpress themes since there’s a lot that the buyer may not see from the store page, but for audiojungle items - it’s all literally right there in front of you.

If I was a buyer that decided to rate an audiojungle item with less than 5 starts, it’s like I’m rating my song choosing ability poorly! If it wasn’t 5 stars, why did you buy it in the first place!?

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Always thought it was a little odd.


good point actually. the only thing i could see useful is if a buyer had issues clearing the song with adrev or something like that after purchase. Bu you’re right, the music is the music.

I have wondered this too, but I suppose if a buyer is really pleased with how the track has worked with their video, then they might want to come back and show their appreciation.

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@DougFury and @JonnyBoyleMusic
Those are good points! I wonder if a composer rating would be more useful than a track rating.

Was thinking the same thing today. I got a rating on my last sale and it was 4 stars. Why did they buy the track if they didn’t think it was great for their project, just okay? :thinking:

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4/5 is more than average, so it is good :wink:

Exactly! If anything it’s like they’re rating themselves as not very good at picking 5 star tracks!
By the way I love your new jazz track! I’d rate 5 stars :slight_smile:

I know, but why buy a 4 star track when you can get a 5 star?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Hyperprod why not? If i like the music, i don’t need comments and ratings to buy it :wink:
Btw, one videohive template was in popular category with 2.5* rating

I meant, why would you buy a track that you was going to rate 4 stars when you can choose between hundreds of thousands of tracks and find a track you thought deserved 5 star?
For me it doesn’t matter much, I just think its strange. :smiley:


It sounds very much like a focus group idea that sounded good at the time.

Yeah, either that or the decided to universally come out with ratings for all Envato sites regardless if it made sense for AudioJungle.

I think the ratings had a greater value a year or 2 back… Plus the search has a rating value too in it, in order to help the clients orientate themselves in that category too!

I also bought a lot of times , and to buy a movie at the maximum extended license , but maybe people just do not work perplexed ?

You’re so right! I’m agreed:grinning:.