why cant i view more templates?

there are 48 templates per page and you’ve capped the search at page 50. thats only 2400 templates but yet your website on the left claims theres 44,312 templates. so why does your website not let me click beyond page 50???

Hi @rachinc. The deep pagination limit is intentional, and done to reduce strain on our infrastructure - if you look at other large search engines, you’ll see that they also do this (for example, Google searches tend to cap out at around 30 pages).

The total number of items in the search will still be accurate - to view items that appear more than 50 pages into the results, I recommend adding some filters or additional search terms to refine your search further.

That can be somewhat tedious when looking for a really high-end looking templates on your website. There’s no one word that will get me to those templates

can you create a “random” button that pitches you random ae templates so that i can discover more templates that i cant find through your 50 page cap limit, that i didnt think to serach for? its just such a chore to find cool high end looking templates on a weekly basis on your website